I have a new toy!

Letter 19

In preparation for my upcoming trip(s) I bought myself a little treat – a baby laptop! I’m not into technology in the slightest, but I am enjoying blogging and want to keep it up whilst travelling. After all, that is the point of this website.

I pondered over whether to get a laptop for a while, but I felt that the cost of buying one was worth the benefits I would get from having one on the road with me.

  • I want to be able to post letters often! I’m currently posting 3 times a week and I’d like to keep this up, or failing that, at least post twice. I find it much easier to post on a laptop – phones and me do not go together.
  • I want to keep my photographs safe. Having a laptop with me means that I can upload photos off my ‘big special camera’ (couldn’t even tell you the make) which not only keeps them safe, but also means I can include them in posts, which is my favourite thing to do.
  • I want to keep in touch with family and friends! Last time I was away I just had my phone so it will be a treat this time to have a laptop which I can use to skype them all! (I do realise I can use my phone, I just don’t like it). I can also send updates and photos to my mum!
  • I will have information and documents to hand at all times. This will be especially useful when I’m travelling after camp, but I’m also thinking long term. It will be great to have this when backpacking in the future.


I didn’t want to spend a fortune. I never do. So I found the absolute cheapest laptop I could, and ended up with a £10 off voucher as well!

I paid £99.

I bought my baby from Tesco. I did the classic ‘low-to-high’ search through the laptops and picked the cheapest one. It also happened to be exactly what I wanted. It is 11.6 inches and weighs only 1kg; which is perfect because it will fit nicely in my daypack  and won’t weigh it down. After using it for a couple of weeks I am very satisfied. It’s not nearly as powerful or fast as my 17 inch HP big boy, and I can tell the difference in quality of the touch pad and keyboard. But I didn’t expect much for £99! He’s a good baby laptop and I think he’ll be fine with me on the road. I’ve been using him on train rides between home and Edinburgh and I’ve found the battery life is great! Much better then my big laptop. I actually find I can rely a lot on it.

Link to the laptop – not sure how long it will be available but I think it’s a good buy!

I bought a sleeve to keep the laptop safe. I chose the same one I use for the big laptop – only smaller! It’s the AmazonBasics laptop sleeve which is £6.99 for the 11.6in size. These are great – highly recommend!

I also bought a memory stick so that I don’t have to save things to the laptop – thus making it slower. I got the Cruzer Blade 32GB from Argos which will hold all my photos and more!

I can’t wait to blog whilst I’m actually travelling!


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