Nearly 50

Letter 49

I managed to get so close to 50 letters, or blog posts, and life got in the way. Did I really say life? I meant university. I actually mean architecture.

So here we are at letter 49 and I find myself owing a big explanation as to why it’s taken over 2 months to get a post up. This isn’t what I wanted from my blog, my website. However, blogging during university whilst juggling my course, volunteering, friends, boyfriend, physical exercise, keeping up with long distance friends and staying in touch with my family is far more difficult that I thought. In the new year I do intend to work harder at this though. So in this letter, number 49, I would like to catch you up on what’s happening in the life of Lou and my planned travels for the near future. Here we go, buckle up lads.


I am now half way through the second year of my degree. This could also mark the half way point of the course, but we can talk about that later. I have spent the last 12 weeks tirelessly making models, meticulously drawing plans and sections and attempting to work in groups in every single project. It hasn’t been easy but I’m through with it and have a beautiful professionally printed portfolio to show for it. At the end of the tiredness, arguments and bad food I am proud of my accomplishments. In all truthfulness, I’m just glad to be home with my cat, relaxing on my sofa. My course is goddamn hard but this semester has given me a new love for it. I have to thank my tutor for this. Even though I was very unsure of him 12 weeks ago, to say the least.


I have talked about the architecture exchange before, and during this incredibly busy time I have both applied for it and been declined. I worked incredibly hard to articulate what I thought was a good personal statement and portfolio, but it wasn’t good enough. So I will say goodbye to my dream of studying architecture in Madrid for a year and move on with my life. It hurt and irritated me for about 3 and a half minutes but in my mind it is not meant to be. If it was I would’ve been accepted, right? So now I have too chose whether I will go ahead and do my course in 3 years (finishing in 2018) or to squeeze a work placement in next year and finish in 2019. That was of course the original plan, but finishing a year early is an attractive prospect right now if truth be told. My feet are itchy and to be honest I feel like taking off now to finally travel. Properly.


I have a couple of exciting trips happening in the next few months which I’m so excited to write about here! I am determined to get this blog back up and running because there’s just too much great stuff going on!

  • ICELAND: In early January I will be hopping on a plane with the boyfriend and jetting off for a week in Iceland! We booked so long ago and I can’t quite believe it’s finally happening and it will hopefully provide some interesting reading for you guys! As photography is one of my passions, this trip should be pretty perfect.
  • ITALY: Alas I am returning to a very special country to me. The first that I travelled solo in over a year ago. So many memories live here and this time I will be combining travel and architecture on this study trip. I’ll be starting in Rome for a tutorial and site visit and then have a week to do whatever before finishing in Milan. February will also be a good month.
  • HIGHLANDS: You may have read my post about my short visit to the Scottish Highlands last summer (here), and next year I will for sure be returning. This may be with my girlfriends in our Easter break, and it will definitely be to go and stay with my boyfriend in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.
  • GREECE: Summer 2017 will hold a trip to Greece at some point. I’ve missed it beyond belief and feel an incredible pull to return to my favourite place in the world. I don’t know what this trip will be, where exactly I’ll go, or who I’ll be with, but I will be back.
  • EUROPE: Next year I’ll be sticking around instead of venturing off to another continent. There’s a lot I want to achieve and I especially want to explore central Europe as it’s untouched by myself. High on my list are Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. Wherever else I visit will be a bonus.


I am really fond of my blog and I want it to keep improving, which means I need to work harder at it. And I intend to. But this was just a catch up, so I will see you in the next letter.

Letter 50.

Lots of love,

From Lou

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