100 letters for 1 year

Letter 66

In just 2 months, on April 11th, it will be aletterfromlou.com‘s birthday! To celebrate this momentous occasion? I would like to post my 100th letter. I feel this is quite a task, as this is only the 66th. 34 letters to post in just 59 days means I need to post every other day AT LEAST. I’m up for the challenge.

There are a lot of letters in my head that I should’ve posted long ago, so one of my goals is to get these out there. I also have my trip to Italy coming up and I want to try and post lots of useful information on the places I visit and fun stories about my time there! Exciting times coming up! I hope you enjoy more frequent posts! Thank you so much for reading.

Here’s to 100!

From Lou

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