First Impressions of Turin

Letter 72

After a long, sleepy overnight train from Rome, we arrived into Turin at 9am. Even walking out of the station felt such a relief and I could tell how different this city would be to bustling Rome.

Today has been a lazy day and most of it has been spent napping, strolling, reading or eating. I explored the area directly around our airbnb and went down to the river and spent time in a beautiful park. I have thoroughly enjoyed people watching today, because the only people I’ve watched were Italians. There is a severe lack of tourists here compared to Rome, which is absolute bliss. It feels like a very liveable, homely city, more so than any other in my opinion. I saw people walking their dogs, spending time with their families or sat enjoying the peace and quiet whilst reading or listening to music. Everyone seems very happy and calm and I like the atmosphere. The city in architectural terms also feels very different to Rome. Everything is given much more space to breath and the buildings have a lighter more elegant feel to them. So far I am really enjoying the city and can’t wait for a chilled couple of days before things heat up in Milan. I’ll just share some photos I took today from Torino.

Giardino Aiuola Balbo

Giardino Aiuola Balbo
Giardino Cavour
View down the river
Buildings on the river front
Parco del Valentino
Borgo Medievale
Borgo Medievale

Stay tuned for more stories from Turin!

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