Exploring Edinburgh: botanics, views and sunsets

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On a sunny day, Edinburgh is the place to be. It completely comes alive and everyone comes out in force to soak up the rare vitamin D. I took a well deserved day off on Saturday to enjoy the sunshine and take a walk around some of my favourite areas of Edinburgh. Allow me to show you around…

The Meadows is the location of everyone’s sunny Saturday, and we joined the masses to relax on the lawns in in the beautiful weather. Being surrounded by groups of friends, couples and families is perfect for people watching. The addition of mouth watering aromas drifting over from barbeques and frisbees and footballs flying around makes you feel like it might actually be summer. Only 46 days and it actually will be summer for me! Not that I’m counting…

Edinburgh Meadows DaffodilsEdinburgh Meadows

We headed on from the Meadows through Prince’s Street and towards Stockbridge. On the way we passed beautiful classic Edinburgh Streets and Dean Village. This is an upmarket area of the city with many gems to discover if you have the time to wander. Dean Gardens runs along the river with stunning views.

Edinburgh buildingsEdinburgh Dean GardensEdinburgh flowers

We made it Stockbridge and stopped for food. This area feels like a village within the city. It’s wonderful. It’s best to visit on a Sunday when the weekly market takes over the area. It’s a mix of cheese, cakes, bakery, music and paella. Must visit when you’re in the Burgh!

Edinburgh Stockbridge River

Just a few minutes from Stockbridge are the Botanic Gardens which are amazing to explore – especially on a sunny day! Even though the flowers weren’t in full bloom yet, it was still stunning, and the views over Edinburgh to the castle are wonderful. There’s so much to explore here including galleries, ponds and glasshouses. The gardens are completely free to walk around, but the glasshouses cost £5 or £4.50 for students.

Edinburgh Botanic GardensEdinburgh Botanic Gardens castle viewEdinburgh Botanic Gardens pondEdinburgh Botanic Gardens glasshouseEdinburgh Botanic Gardens Glasshouse 2Edinburgh Botanic Gardens FlowerEdinburgh Botanic Gardens silhouette

We headed back up to Prince’s Street for some food and took the weight off our feet for a while. It’s easy to walk for miles in this sunny city without realizing it. On arriving back home we caught the beautiful sunset which was the perfect end to the day. I’ve mentioned it before – but Edinburgh really does have stunning sunsets.

Edinburgh Sunset

So that’s my Saturday – a much needed rest and sun. Now for another week of work culminating in an important review. Hopefully everything will go to plan. So potentially no posts for another few days whilst I’m busy getting all of my work finished. They will be more regular again soon!

Thanks for reading,

From Lou

PS.Here’s the route we took today for those of you that may be interested.

Edinburgh Walk

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