A trip to Fife: flowers, beaches and castles

Letter 87

I turned 20 this week. I hit the next decade of my life, and to celebrate, I spent the weekend exploring a new part of Scotland. Every time I visit a different part of Scotland I realise how wonderful and diverse the country really is. So today, in letter 87, I would like to introduce to to the little seaside town of Kirkcaldy.


fife coastal path

I’m using this map of the Fife Coastal Path which I will tell you about later. The highlighted area points out Kirkcaldy, where we spent the day. It was on impulse that we decided to stop off here because the weather was so beautiful. From Edinburgh it’s an easy trip across the striking red iron Forth Bridge to get to Fife’s coast.

Forth Bridge

The first stop we made in Kirkcaldy was Beveridge Park, a large area of green, water and flowers. There were some areas covered in families, dogs and ice cream and others that were left covered only in daffodils, peace and few footprints. We took a walk around the whole park and stopped to enjoy it and the sun basking down on us.

Kirkcaldy Beveridge ParkKirkcaldy Beveridge Park 2Kirkcaldy Beveridge Park 3Kirkcaldy Beveridge Park 4

The beach was calling us, so we headed over to the sea and the golden sands of this beautiful part of Scotland. It took us a while to make it to the beach, but the walk was beautiful. I was surprised at how lovely and almost foreign the beach felt. It was also lovely to have the whole stretch almost to ourselves. A spot of sunbathing, a walk and a paddle later and we felt fully relaxed and very summery.

Kirkcaldy beachKirkcaldy beach 3Kirkcaldy beach 2

Finally we headed up above the beach to Ravenscraig Castle, or what remains of it. These ruins are left largely untouched, with only a few boards to describe them. Unparalleled views span out from this tiny hill all the way out towards Edinburgh. It’s a lovely spot and finished off our day in Kirkcaldy beautifully.

Ravenscraig Castle 2Ravenscraig Castle beachRavenscraig Castle view towards edinburghRavenscraig CastleRavenscraig Castle view


At most of the stops on the train I kept seeing ‘Alight for the Fife Coastal Path’ which I had never heard of. Of course, I was curious so I did some searching. I found out it was a walking route around the coast of Fife (kind of self-explanatory). Then on the beach in Kirkcaldy I picked up a leaflet about it which showed the map that I placed at the top of this letter. It’s a 117 mile route from the Firth of Forth in the south up to the Firth of Tay in the north. It allows walkers to discover the towns, beaches and countryside of the area whilst walking the path. It really captured my imagination and it’s something I would love to do! I think it’s a wonderful was of seeing a pocket of Scotland which I plan to do sometime in the near future.

You can learn more about it on the website:


1 year

I had a wonderful birthday and a much needed break from work. I also quietly celebrated 1 year of ‘A Letter From Lou’! I had wanted to have 100 letters for this occasion, but alas this wasn’t possible. Instead I give you 87 – close enough right? Thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying my letters – I certainly enjoy writing them. Here’s to many more in the future!

Much love,

From Lou

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