Cardiff: theatre, shopping, food and parks

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Cardiff is the bustling capital of Wales and home to my best friend. To celebrate entering my 20th year of life I took the 7 hour train down from Edinburgh to visit her and have a fun-filled 24 hours in Cardiff. We ate lots of lovely food, went to see a fantastic show, did a spot of shopping and explored some of the parks in this pretty city.


This musical is about an Irish band in 60s Dublin and their rise to fame. It’s funny, enjoyable and contains countless big hits which all of the audience enjoyed singing along to. My friend and I significantly bought the average age down and we were surrounded by a crowd consisting mainly of over 50s. Not that that’s a problem, but it was entertaining. The Millenium Theatre in Cardiff is a really beautiful building and I found it fascinating to walk around.

cardiff millenium theatre

Roath Park

This park is huge. It contains a massive lake where you can do kayaking, paddle boating and fishing in some places and it’s surrounded by greenery , wildlife and botanical gardens. The walk around is about 5km and is very pleasant. The park was teaming with families and dog walkers. It’s such a nice park of Cardiff, not to be missed on a visit there.

cardiff roath park lakecardiff roath park reflectionscardiff roath park watercardiff roath park flowers


Centered between the grand building’s of Cardiff University is this little gem covered in colourful flowers and people exploring the capital.

cardiff alexandra gardenscardiff alexandra gardens rustcardiff alexandra gardens blossom


The shopping in Cardiff is stellar. You couldn’t wish for more shops or a nicer area to spend your time. And your money of course. I did quite well and came away with only a top from the Hollister sale and 3 very fetching nail polishes. Everything is very central and the main shopping centre, St David’s contains a whole area full of restaurants. We stopped in Pizza Express for a bite to eat and it was as tasty as ever.

Cardiff is a lovely little city.

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