Bad at blogging and missing Montenegro

Letter 111

I’m pretty certain I’m one of the worst bloggers out there. Honestly, I’m not even sure I can call myself a blogger. Maybe I can when I’m no longer suffocated by deadlines and restricted to spending most of my waking hours in the studio I’ll get better. Or maybe I just need a little inspiration.

It’s been over a month since my last letter, and when I say I’ve been busy, it’s an understatement. After a fantastic 4 month break from my debilitating course, my life is back to being clouded by architecture and honestly, I’m struggling. The workload is too full on, it’s much harder than previous years and I’m struggling to understand computer programs. My diet has gone to shit, I’m spending more money than I would like and I never have time to see my friends. But the real downfall? I’m not travelling.

I had a tiny spark of inspiration last night when I remembered a program that someone I met in Croatia was telling me about. It was about helping people in Eastern Europe learn English by having lots of conversations and getting to know them. I had a quick google and found myself lost in possibilities and for the first time in a month, I had some excitement in my mind. Although it’s shit now, this time next year I could be off helping people improve their English in Poland. I began to remember why I’m still putting myself through this – so that I can travel after.

So after a pretty positive crit (where tutors make themselves feel important by pointing out the flaws in our models) I feel a bit better about life. In just over 6 weeks I will be handing in my design coursework and shortly breaking up for Christmas. I cannot wait. Right now? I’m thinking about Montenegro. Easily my favourite country I’ve visited and one I’m dying to get back to. So For the last part of this letter (because I’ve been unable to get some posts out about Montenegro) I thought I’d give you a taster of the land of the Black Mountains.

1 montenegro first impressions
My first impressions of Montenegro were from a bus on a boat. New experience and beautiful views to go with it.
3 montenegro kotor cats
If you visit Kotor you will definitely make lots of feline friends.
4 montenegro kotor streets
Whilst I saw many cobbled medieval old towns, I think this was the only one with a mountainous backdrop which was very beautiful.
6 montenegro kotor sunset
This view is one of my favourites I’ve ever seen.
7 montenegro skadar lake
Boat trip with a great crowd on the lake that sits in both Montenegro and Albania.


8 montenegro bar lagoon
Freezing cold lagoon hidden behind Stari Bar.
9 montenegro stari bar
Stari Bar is an underrated town with an incredible hostel.
10 montenegro ulcinj town
The old town of Ulcinj was silent and unexpectedly lovely.
11 montengro zabljak mountain
This is what +2,500m looks like in Montenegro.
12 montenegro black lake
The Black Lake in Zabljak – perfect for a swim after 8 hours of hiking with 10 companions.
13 montenegro walking
The moment I stopped to realise how lucky I was to be in this great country.

I’m hoping to be writing full letters about all of the places I visited and experiences I had but I just don’t have time. I will try to prioritise more now and get these letters written because I love reliving it and you need to know how awesome Montenegro is!

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,

From Lou

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