Random thoughts of a 20 year old architecture student

Letter 124

My life currently revolves around google sketchup, training my hair to last 3 days between washes and the decision of having 1 or 2 jacket potatoes. Riveting I know.

montenegro bobotov kuk hike 5
Where I’d rather be – Bobotov Kuk, Durmitor, Montenegro

January seemed to disappear in a flash to me – contrary to other people saying it’s dragged on for ages. I’m going into the 4th week of my final semester of university and so far it’s going very quick. What does that really mean? Well, it means that I only have 2 weeks until I have 1 week off, then only 7 weeks left after that. 9 weeks of “teaching” left. The “” are because I have about 3 and a half hours of contact per week. After my week off, this reduces to 1.

lisbon pateis de nata
The thought makes me as happy as I was here, in Lisbon, with my Pasteis de Nata

It also means that I have less than 14 weeks till my final deadline on the 10th of May. Considering the past 3 weeks have gone in a flash I don’t think the next 14 will take long to come and go.

That makes me as happy as I was when I realised my true calling in life – a goat whisperer

The most important thing this information signifies is that in 14 weeks I can jet off without a care in the world and enjoy some well deserved travelling. I cannot wait.

Kefalonia Walking along the beach
The only travel that is confirmed is a holiday to Greece with my mum – it will be about 14 years after this photo was taken on the island of Kefalonia (I believe)

January was also a pretty nice month. It began in London, visiting my boyfriend’s brother which was followed by a beautiful trip to his home in the highlands. The weather was kind and it was stunning.

January in Lochcarron

I then started university which, as I took a different degree path to the majority of my year, put me into a group of people I didn’t know. A brief moment of hesitation when I worried that it would be miserable was quickly got rid of as I met my new year and made friends quickly. My little design group are really nice and we’ve spent the last few weeks developing our project which is set in the seaside suburb of Edinburgh, Portobello.

Snowy beach in Edinburgh

Although my course is hard, demanding and sometimes stressful, I’m feeling very calm at the moment. I’m trying my best to stay on top of work and doing as much as I can to make the next few months easier for myself. I feel good. What I thought would be the hardest semester of my life has actually, miraculously, turned into one of the nicest. I’m excited about my project and am looking forward to seeing it through.

berlin street art courtyard 3
One of the biggest inspirations for my project – Haus Schwarzenberg, Berlin

I’ve also been seeing a little more of my friends as I’m really trying to make an effort with them. I’m not great at staying in touch with people, even if they live down the road, but I’m trying. Had a great pool and cider sesh with one of my best friends last week and it was wonderful to relax. Other than that I’ve pretty much been working 24/7 mixed in with watching friends and eating too much cake with my flatmate.

lagos 6
From Portugal to Edinburgh student union – it’s always fun

I can see I will miss this life when I leave uni. Hopefully I will still be able to keep most of it up but I will probably either be working or travelling which may make it harder. I’m not that worried, honestly I can’t bloody wait.

dubrovnik old town 7
I can’t wait to get exploring again – this mini exploration is from Dubrovnik, Croatia (one of the only places I saw here that was without people)

February will be a good month. The next 2 weeks are leading up to our mid term review so they will be busy but good. Then I will be celebrating Valentines Day (a day late) with my boyfriend by going to one of my favourite restaurants and hopefully going bowling at some point (haven’t done that in ages!). I’m heading home for a few days towards the end of February to see my best friend and go for a nice afternoon tea, and I’ll get to spend some time with my mum which will be lovely. I really can’t wait to go home for a bit, it’s be a nice break (combined with some work).

Ravenscraig Castle view
More quality time is needed with this one – photo from Kirkcaldy on my birthday last year (April)

So 2018 has got off to a pretty good start. Hopefully that means the rest of the year will be good too.

Hope you’ve all had a happy and healthy January.

From Lou

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2 thoughts on “Random thoughts of a 20 year old architecture student

  1. Nice post, wish u all the luck for your course! And I’m sure your travel plans will give u more and more insight about this wonderful field u are into ! For me traveling has been the best way to learn ! Happy traveling and happy times to u !

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