8 nationalities, 1 table and lots of beer – Wroclaw

Letter 154 Having not travelled solo for almost a year, I had almost forgotten the feeling of spending an evening with complete strangers that feel like old pals. Chatting about each others lives, places we've been and comparing cultures. It is truly remarkable and this is what Wroclaw will always signify for me. I only … Continue reading 8 nationalities, 1 table and lots of beer – Wroclaw

Who stole January?

Letter 63 The days, weeks, months and indeed years seem to speed up with the time that passes, and yet it still surprises me. The 31 days kicking off 2017 have flown by in a blip and here we are in February. So, the question I pose; who stole January?! In this letter I'm just … Continue reading Who stole January?

3,176 photos later

Letter 48 From a whole summer of photos I would like to share some of my favourites along with a word or two that describes them. Enjoy my photo essay.   I hope you enjoyed my photos; I certainly enjoyed my summer. From Lou PS. Here's one more chance to check out the my letters … Continue reading 3,176 photos later