Who stole January?

Letter 63

The days, weeks, months and indeed years seem to speed up with the time that passes, and yet it still surprises me. The 31 days kicking off 2017 have flown by in a blip and here we are in February. So, the question I pose; who stole January?!

In this letter I’m just going to have a brief chat about the previous month and look forward to the next, which has lots in store. I also want to share with you some of my favourite photos from the month. January has been really busy, which could be why it barely seemed to exist. I started it off in the perfect company of close friends, new friends, flatmates, a travel buddy, and my boyfriend. Oh, and half of Edinburgh. We danced our socks off until the clock struck midnight and then bought in the New Year gazing over the castle. An hour later we joined hands with anyone and everyone within reach and, with tradition, sang Auld Lang Syne. What a perfect new year.

Hogmanay 2017

I spent the first week of January relaxing, exploring Edinburgh with my visiting travel buddy, enjoying quality time with my boyfriend and doing fun things with my friends, including seeing Mamma Mia on stage! So much fun and highly recommend.

Taken stretched out of my 3rd floor flat in Edinburgh

Then me and the boyfriend hopped on a plane and went to Iceland for a week. It was unbelievable and only left me wanting to return. (You may check out posts about Iceland here, where you may also catch a glimpse of the lesser spotted Lou-wearing-every-layer-she-owns-all-at-once: The best Golden Circle Tour | The colourful capital (Reykjavik Guide) | Iceland’s light | Iceland’s night light | A week in Iceland for £500?)

Beautiful frozen gardens

A day after touching down at Edinburgh Airport I reluctantly went back to uni. I always find it difficult to get back into the swing of things, but a couple of days and some inspiring readings later I was back on form. The next 2 weeks were spent busily working on my project, reading, making, drawing, reading, recording and reading. Who knew I would read so much on an architecture course? I have actually really enjoyed the new project which will eventually be to design a library in Rome.

My life is hexagons right now.

The last week has been the trickiest. I’ve mourned the loss of a very close family member a year after they left us. It hit me hard after spending a year holding my emotions together. It has left me at a bit of a loose end and a loss of motivation. However, new month, new mentality. I’ve also realised that it’s okay not too be perfect all the time. It’s okay to get upset and have an unproductive day. It’s actually healthy.


So that’s where I am now. January has been great overall, but has truly gone too fast. For my blog, it’s been even better. The most views, likes and visitors I’ve ever had and I’m proud of the content I’ve produced. I’ve also gained a lot more followers which is great as I love checking out other peoples blogs.

This bag of haribos made me very happy, just like January.

February? I have lots planned including a weekend trip home to spend time with my mum, best friend and cat (not necessarily in that order), a romantic Valentine’s day (we will try at least) and 10 days in Italy with a load of architecture students.

Will February go just as quick?

From Lou

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