Nerja in a nutshell

Letter 93

I’ve had an absolutely amazing week spending my days relaxing, swimming, sunbathing, reading and eating. All in the beautiful surroundings of Andulucia, a stunning region of Spain with charming villages, an array of beaches and crystal clear water. Not to mention the mountains that soar up behind you providing postcard perfect pictures. I found it very hard to leave, especially since my boyfriend was flying home and I’m sticking around in Spain, and I already miss it. Not that I have the duff end of the deal – I get to explore Malaga, Cordoba and Seville over the next few days before heading off to Portugal.

nerja beach


Most of the days were a blur of gorgeous beaches, whitewashed streets and wonderful food. We indulged pretty much every lunchtime and ate lots of different foods. We found a couple of really great restaurants with lovely food and service with a smile. We tried different beaches every day and secured favourites in our minds. We wandered the streets of Nerja from sunrise till dusk and got lost almost every time. We watched families enjoy their holidays and locals go about their days. We enjoyed chilled breakfasts and dinners on our balcony playing cards and listening to music. The whole week was completely blissful and I enjoyed every second.

Nerja 1nerja 2nerja 3nerja 4nerja 5nerja 6


We didn’t stay in the town every day, we also ventured out to neighbouring villages which were some of my favourite places. A €1 bus will get you up to Frigliana in the mountains. This village is incredibly beautiful with tiny cobbled streets, small parks and stunning 360 views. It’s a great place to spend the day, grab a bite to eat and enjoy the views. We were planning to go for a walk into the mountains but instead stayed in the village all afternoon.

Frigliana 2Frigliana parkFrigliana stepped streetFriglianaFrigliana Panorama


We also took a long walk one day to Maro, a sleepy village just west of Nerja. It’s a lovely walk, not difficult at all, the village is lovely and the beaches are quiet, unspoilt and have a lot of life in the sea. It was such a great day.

Maro walk 1Maro walk 2

Maro walk 3
Abandoned Factory
Maro walk 4
Roman Aqueduct
Maro walk 5
Trains go on the roads here too

Maro beachMaro town


We actually had a pretty rough start to the week, in that after a 2 hour trip from the airport in Malaga and arriving in Nerja at 1am, we came into our apartment to find an Irish couple. Long story short, there was a misunderstanding and the Irish couple were due to have the apartment for 2 more nights. We thought our holiday was ruined – and where the hell were we supposed to find a place to stay at 1am in the sleepy town of Nerja?! Luckily some lovely Spanish hostel owners, who we rudely woke up in the middle of the night, let us have a room. It was a great hostel and after a much needed sleep we enjoyed the breakfast on the terrace. We moved to a cheaper guesthouse the next day which ended up being really great. Lovely staff, spacious traditional room and a kitchen and a terrace. All round the corner from a huge supermarket and near the centre of town and the beaches. All in all the disastrous start to the holiday ended up being okay and we enjoyed the first couple of days as much as the rest.

This is the room and terrace in the Azahar Hostel which is right next to the bus station in Nerja. Great hostel, great breakfast and if you ask nicely they might get out of bed to let you in at 1am. Azahar Tripadvisor.

Here is a double room and the terrace, which connects to a kitchen, at the Easy Nerja Guesthouse. It’s very near the centre of town, very cheap and is a lovely place to stay. Easy Nerja Guesthouse Hostelworld.

This has been one of my favourite holidays – we’ve had the most fantastic time and  the rest was much needed. Nerja is a great town with a lot going on both in and around it. Now for travelling around some Spanish cities…

From Lou

me and sam
Favourite activity – finding hidden caves and rocks

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