Pretty Porto

Letter 101

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since leaving Portugal, but I have to tell you about my last stop there which was Porto. I met my mum there and we stayed in a suburb near the beach but ventured into the city and wine country as well.

This week was mainly a holiday with my mum and we stayed in Foz do Douro which is right on the beach and around a half an hour walk from Porto city centre. Completely recommend the area! Much quieter than the city centre, with good restaurants, lovely beaches, great parks and easy proximity to the city! We stayed in a stunning airbnb apartment which I loved so so much! Now I’d like to tell you all about Porto, one of the prettiest cities I have visited.


The city centre effortlessly combines tight colourful cobbled streets with sprawling avenues and plazas and almost every street is on a steep incline. I’ve gotten used to these hilly cities now. One thing this does mean is that around every corner is a brand new view to discover and the bright orange rooftops and blue river Douro make for postcard perfect images.

porto town 1porto town 2porto town 3porto town 4porto town 5porto town 6porto town 7porto town 8


We stumbled across some beautiful parks both in and around the city, perfect for a shaded rest after climbing the hills. I would recommend the gardens around the Crystal Palace – couldn’t go inside but the surroundings are wonderful.

porto park 1porto park 2porto park 3porto park 4


As far as attractions go, we did very little. We didn’t have much time in the city as it was, but I did go into the bookshop made famous by J K Rowling and Harry Potter. It is exquisite inside and worth a visit!

porto livraria lello 1porto livraria lello 2


The beaches are not typically stunning like those down south in the Algarve but they do have character being formed of craggy rocks and the fierce Atlantic waves. We also happened to be here for Portugal Day when a military parade graced the shores which was really great.

porto beach 1porto beach 2porto beach 3porto beach 4porto beach 5porto beach 6


This has been the least-budget part of my trip, and lucky for me it was paid for by my mum. The day trip was extortionate but it was a treat and we loved it very much. We had a private car (as no one else was on the trip), we had octopus for lunch and we tried Port in a few vineyards. Not to mention the boat trip in one of the most stunning locations and seeing some beautiful Rolls Royce’s. All in all, a fantastic day.

porto douro 1porto douro 2porto douro 3porto douro 4porto douro 5porto douro 6porto douro 7porto douro 8

My week in Porto was the perfect end to a month in Spain and Portugal. I flew out of Lisbon on the 16th June and I can’t wait to catch you up on what I’ve been doing! It’s been super busy but it’s starting to settle down now so I’ll be writing more frequently.

All the best,

From Lou

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