A snippet of Split

Letter 107

For me Split wasn’t a number one place on my list to visit, however I did spend one day there. From Šibenik it was only an hour and a half away so I left early, spent most of the day in Split and then headed off to the islands later in the afternoon. I felt like this was actually enough to see the city, and I wasn’t interested in paying a premium to stay there just to party. So anyway, here is a snippet of Split…

split town 1split town 2split town 3split town 4split town 5

Walking around the winding streets of the old town doesn’t take long. In addition to this you can head down and check out the underground palace and then wander along the waterfront (if you can stand the smell). The thing I actually enjoyed most was walking up the hill in Marjan Park and getting fantastic views across the whole area. There’s also a beach you can get to from here but I didn’t venture that far.

split marjan 1split marjan 2split marjan 3split marjan 4split marjan 5

Split is nice – you can see that from the photos – but I am glad I decided not to stay there. Like most places in Croatia, it is doable in a day, but Split is just extra touristy and expensive. I believe a quick stop off is the best way to do it.

What are your thoughts on Split?

Happy Travels!

From Lou

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PS. I stored my luggage for about 6 hours very near the bus station and it cost me about £2.

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