This year will be the best yet!

Letter 137

This is not only the 137th letter on my site, it also marks 2 years of blogging! These past years have flown by incredibly quickly and this time next year I will be in a very different place (in life and geographically). So in this letter I wanted to celebrate 3 things; firstly, 2 years of this site, secondly, the amazing year that is to come, and finally, my 21st birthday!


I wasn’t sure this blog and website would last a month, let alone 2 years. In that time I have gone from a naïve 1st year architecture student to a seasoned 3rd year ready to take on the world. Well, not quite but I can dream. My attitude towards my course and architecture has changed numerous times but right now I feel very happy and excited to jump into the field and hopefully leave uni with the potential to come back and complete a masters.

I have done an insane amount of travelling in that time from spending 3 months working in the states to seeing the northern lights in Iceland. Exploring the architecture of Italy to gallivanting around central Europe this summer. Adding in all of the smaller trips I’ve taken in between, it all leaves me feeling very lucky and proud of what I’ve achieved. I would say that these 2 years have been some of the best of my life and I am so happy that I have this blog as a permanent document of my adventures and achievements.

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Leaving university in May will be a huge step for me and honestly, I can’t wait. I can’t wait to finally be free of work, stress and time restrictions. I have so many exciting plans for the next year and I just can’t believe how amazing it should turn out to be. Allow me to elaborate!

Less than a week after my final deadline I will be jetting off for a fortnight’s trip in BULGARIA with my boyfriend where we will travel around exploring the cities, towns, monasteries, mountains and Black Sea beaches. I’m so excited!!

Then only a couple of days after returning to the UK, my mum and I are going to Parga in GREECE for a week of chilling out, sunning ourselves and having a much needed catch up. Greece is my favourite place in the world so I’m grateful to be seeing a little bit more of it.

I’ll then be spending the summer working in EDINBURGH, enjoying Fringe once more, moving in with my boyfriend and spending time with friends. I also want to get fit, brush up on my Spanish, start the TEFL training and improve this blog! I’ve got my graduation to look forward to and a couple of other celebrations scattered throughout the summer so it should be a busy, fun time.

Then the travelling really starts.

For a couple of months just before Christmas I plan to travel around POLAND, the CZECH REPUBLIC and maybe a neighbouring country or two, including 3 weeks volunteering connected to my TEFL training. I’ve never been to this part of Europe and I can’t wait to experience new cultures and also see some different Christmas celebrations!

I’ll then be spending Christmas at home with family and maybe New Year up in Edinburgh, with a week or two to relax afterwards. I’m then going to be (hopefully) spending 2 months in BELIZE where I’m going to try out a workaway, see some Mayan ruins and towns, explore the rainforests and dive in the 2nd biggest reef in the world! This is a trip I really hope I can do!

Just after I intend to come back from Belize, I will be heading to none other than INDIA with my mum to celebrate her 60th birthday (and kind of my 22nd) which will just be the most insane trip. It will be my first visit to Asia and I’m looking forward to experiencing the culture and learning about the people, the religions and the country.

That brings us to this time next year! I predict this year will be the most adventurous and exciting yet – especially for travel!


Just 2 days ago I turned 21. I think that means I’m officially an adult? I feel strange about this birthday because I’ve had so little time to even think about it. Having said that, I had a wonderful day full of food and fun and I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday. I’ll be in London for the next few days for more celebrations, including seeing Harry Styles in concert! I can’t wait.

The last thing I want to say is thank you for reading this blog and I hope you’re enjoying aletterfromlou.

Lots and lots of love,

From Lou

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