Letter 138

Imagine becoming part of a film, taking on a new persona and experiencing being in a different time and place along with a warehouse full of others taking part. For one night I became a replicant bio-engineer in an incredible set up of Blade Runner, experiencing life in Utopia threatened by the Blackout.

For my 21st birthday present from my best friend, she bought us tickets to London’s secret cinema and honestly it was the craziest, most unique experience of my life and I had the best time.

From the second you approach the venue, which is kept secret until you arrive, you are immersed in the film and must truly become your character. We were greeted by the LAPD, had our identity passes checked and were swiftly ushered inside the ‘set’. The attention to detail and reality of everything was mind-blowing, from the weather to the actors.

I’m not going to give anything else away because the whole point of it is that it is kept secret.

It’s immersive, exclusive and brilliantly executed.

For a completely unique experience I highly recommend this.

Find out more about it here:

I will never forget stepping into the future and becoming part of Utopia as an engineered replicant. I had no idea I could enjoy something so fantastical so much.

Thanks for reading and I hope one day you check it out!

From Lou

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