Iceland’s light

Letter 56

During our week in Iceland we had some of the most beautiful weather I have ever seen. Sunrises and sunsets last for an hour casting long elegant light across the city and the landscape. These qualities make for stunning photos and in this letter I would like to share some of my favourite photos.

Dawn at Gullfoss
The bruised sky illuminating the mountains
The locals know this as the glacier being on fire
Very misty
The lake in Thingvellir


The sun setting over the mountains
Once again, the glacier is on fire
Sun through the trees
Sunset on the frozen lake
Silhouette of a dog on a bridge
One of the most stunning sunsets, taken from Hallgrimskirkja
Sunrise in the frozen botanical garden

I enjoy photography very much, especially at sunrise and sunset. I hope you have enjoyed these photos, I think they show the beauty of Iceland’s unique light. It’s a very special country.

From Lou

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