Letter 151 If Bulgaria's not on your bucket list, it should be. If it is, this may spark your imagination and encourage you to book that trip. If you're already going - this should be a helpful itinerary including some tricks and tricks for this crazy beautiful country. I spent the last 2 weeks of … Continue reading COMPLETE BULGARIA ITINERARY

Working kicks my blogs a**

Letter 150 How naïve I was to think that working a normal 9-5 job would mean I have endless amounts of time to spend on my beloved blog? Naïve is an understatement. My poor blog has retreated into the background, neglected and saddened. But here I am, making an effort again, trying to revive my … Continue reading Working kicks my blogs a**

Barbequing on the beach in balmy Edinburgh

Letter 149 What a wonderfully glorious week we’ve had in Edinburgh. Perfect sunny days and evenings spent sunbathing in the meadows and a city of happy people enjoying the summer we didn’t expect. For me last week was also my first week of work and I’ve come away from it having had a good week … Continue reading Barbequing on the beach in balmy Edinburgh

A Happy Week; The First of Many

Letter 148 I recently read a book that had me thinking about the little things each day that make you happy. Whether it's waking up to a sunny day, spending an hour reading in your favourite spot, going for a walk for the hell of it, putting on clean bedding, or talking to a friendly … Continue reading A Happy Week; The First of Many

Black Sea Musings

Letter 147 Our last stop on our 2-week jaunt in the crazy land of Bulgaria was on the Black Sea. We spent 4 gloriously relaxing days in Sozopol exploring the pretty town, sleeping on the breezy beaches and reminiscing over our wonderful time in Bulgaria.   What to expect from the Black Sea in May … Continue reading Black Sea Musings

Explorations of Bulgaria’s old capital and Marilyn Monroe moments

Letter 146 The third and final city we visited in Bulgaria was Veliko Tarnovo. This vibrant city, built like a theatre, is home to an ancient fortress, steep colourful streets and an encyclopaedia's worth of history. Not to mention it's picture perfect.   Fortress and food We were knackered when we arrived in Tarnovo. After … Continue reading Explorations of Bulgaria’s old capital and Marilyn Monroe moments

Visiting the European Capital of Culture 2019 – Beautiful Plovdiv

Letter 145 Plovdiv quickly became one of my favourite cities I've visited. Within a 10-minute radius it combines an ancient old town, modern main street and quirky colourful neighbourhood full of life. In our 3 days here we barely stopped exploring and enjoyed learning about it's vibrant history, and it's exciting future which they are … Continue reading Visiting the European Capital of Culture 2019 – Beautiful Plovdiv

Hiking Bulgaria’s Stunning Seven Lakes in May

Letter 144 After leaving Sofia we took a couple of buses to the small mountain town of Sapareva Banya where we planned for a relaxing stay before moving back to city life. In the 3 days we spent here we took a chair lift up to over 2000m, hiked around Rila's seven lakes in the sun, … Continue reading Hiking Bulgaria’s Stunning Seven Lakes in May

Rila Monastery from Sofia

Letter 143 A trip to Bulgaria would not be complete without visiting this monastery. It's beauty and magnificence are striking when paired with the forested mountains in the background and surroundings of peaceful paths and rivers.     Art and Architecture I fell completely in love with the buildings, courtyard and art that graced ever … Continue reading Rila Monastery from Sofia

Expect the Unexpected in Sofia

Letter 142 After we booked our flights to Bulgaria, a lot of people asked why we chose there. I didn't have the answers, but after visiting the capital, the most incredible monastery and now the mountains, I have all the answers. Sofia is a Balkan gem and I hope this gives you a taster and … Continue reading Expect the Unexpected in Sofia