Exploring Edinburgh: botanics, views and sunsets

Letter 85 On a sunny day, Edinburgh is the place to be. It completely comes alive and everyone comes out in force to soak up the rare vitamin D. I took a well deserved day off on Saturday to enjoy the sunshine and take a walk around some of my favourite areas of Edinburgh. Allow … Continue reading Exploring Edinburgh: botanics, views and sunsets

Edinburgh’s resident volcano

Letter 84 One of the best and most popular things to do in Edinburgh is to take a walk up Arthur's Seat. Arthur sits within Holyrood Park and watches over the medieval city. The views are breathtaking and stretch out towards the city, the hills and the coast. I feel pretty lucky to live a … Continue reading Edinburgh’s resident volcano

Yellow Hills and Purple Flowers

Letter 82 Springtime in Edinburgh is beautiful. There are so many parks and hills to explore and today I enjoyed venturing to an area I had never been to before. After an incredibly hectic couple of weeks with numerous deadlines and my stress levels going through the roof and into outer space, I took a … Continue reading Yellow Hills and Purple Flowers

Should auld acquaintance be forgot?

Letter 51 With only 4 days of 2016 remaining I thought I would write a letter about what 2017 will hold for me. It will also give you an idea of what letters to expect throughout the new year. But first, I hope you all had a magical Christmas with friends, family or acquaintances and … Continue reading Should auld acquaintance be forgot?

21 things to see and do in EDINBURGH

Letter 18 Edinburgh fast became one of my favourite cities and I'm unsure if I could ever permanently leave it. I'm lucky because not only do I live here, but I have also studied the city at length on my history course - so I have a good grounding to tell you all about it! … Continue reading 21 things to see and do in EDINBURGH

1st year over

Letter 16 I arrived in Edinburgh a mere 8 months ago ready for university. I was ready to begin my lengthy education of architecture and to experience supporting myself in a new city. What I hadn't considered was how attached I would become to┬áboth the city and the wonderful people I was blessed to live … Continue reading 1st year over

I spent the day on the beach… in Edinburgh

Letter 7 Shocking! We actually sometimes get sun in Scotland... and when you do, you have to make the most of it! For me that means taking a long walk around Arthurs Seat and then to the beach. If you've never visited Edinburgh (you should) Arthurs seat is an ancient volcano that sits south of … Continue reading I spent the day on the beach… in Edinburgh